You spent seven years on Macgyver and you can’t figure this one out? We got belt buckles, and shoe laces and a piece of gum… Build a nuclear reactor, for crying out loud! You used to be MacGyver, MacGadget, MacGimmick. Now you are… Mr. MacUseless! Dear God! Stuck on a glacier with MacGyver!

- Solitudes OUTTAKE/GAG REEL Stargate SG-1, season 1 episode 18

I still can watch this over and over again!!

I wanna live… I wanna experience the universe, and I wanna eat pie

Urgo, Stargate SG-1 (via deadspacegal)

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Never forget naked Daniel wearing a flag.


Never forget naked Daniel wearing a flag.


"Not her personal favorite SG team?"

Stargate SG-1: 2010

And we’re walking

Here’s what I think on the reboot.


Roland Emmerich & Dean Devlin years ago sold the Stargate idea/rights because they felt it didn’t do as well as they’d hoped when the original movie came out. A few years later an awesome team decides embark on the television series route. As soon as Emmerich & Devlin seen the series started to do really really well. They got butthurt. Not only that they got greedy & butthurt because they weren’t receiving any money made from the series that they sold & got rid of years ago.

Here we are today with a wildly successful tv series, deep story line & a very loving & awesome fandom. A fandom (if not all a good majority) I might add have been hoping for movies to give us closure for SG1, SGA & SGU. That’s what fans want. That or another series. Emmerich & Devlin don’t like the TV series. They’ve said this themselves. I am not making it up.  I understand they want to continue the story they “originally” visioned 20 years ago with a ridiculous “reboot” 3 part movie. I feel like they want to use us & capitalize on the fandom of the original 3 series.

The only way I can accept this movie trilogy is as an alternate universe plot that none of the series happened & the only thing that remains of the series is the gate itself. lol I don’t know if I can even accept that.

This has me very upset because whatever they do, it will not include ANY of the amazing mythology built up over the past 15+ years. (And honestly, I don’t think the original movie was that good. I only like it because of what it became through SG-1.)

But what has me more worried than the travesty this is likely to be is that MGM, who has a death grip on the franchise already, could use a failure here to say that fans don’t want any stargate at all. So this could actually end up being a nail in the coffin, rather than new life. Which is basically what happened with SGU. They made something different than what pre-existing fans expected, so it didn’t fly that well, but instead of going back to what had been more popular, they nixed it all.

And even if this reboot is successful, it is still positively a nail in the coffin for soooo much of what I loved in stargate SG-1 and Atlantis - no Ancients, no replicators, no Jaffa, and probably no sense of humour about itself. Hell, not even Goa’uld. That was the name given to the race by the series and every inch of that mythology, apart from the initial abduction of Egyptians and the use of Egyptian culture, was invented in the series. So no system lords, no snakes in the heads, the tech is preumably their own, and Ra was supposed to be the last of his kind, so… no other aliens at all. And never mind exploring any other cultures. That was also a series invention. And for those hoping they can see it as some alternate timeline: that only works if the history is the same. It won’t be. I’ll guarantee it.

This reboot is going to be a very different beast and I am serious sad and hella mad.




Stargate SG-1: Beneath The Surface


their faces

Who’d have thunk, though. Wraith jokes are better than Jaffa jokes.